Jan 28 – Feb 1, 2019 

Social Growl Winter Intensive

Morning practice with live accompaniment from Blunt Chunks. Qi Gong, pilates, contemporary technique, improvisation, somatic movement.

10am-11:15am at 918 Bathurst St, $15/class or all 5 for $50


Feb/March 2019

Open morning practice as part of a new creation. All classes take place at Dovercourt House.

60 min classes (Kundalini Yoga) $12
90 min classes $15
All six for $70

Feb 4th : Contemporary Technique with Kate Holden, 10:30-12

Feb 6th : Kundalini Yoga with Krista Schilter, 11-12

Feb 8th : Contemporary Technique with Amanda Acorn, 10;30-12

Mar 4th : Kundalini Yoga with Krista Schilter, 11-12

Mar 6th : Somatic movement with Mary Dora Bloch-Hansen, 10:30-12

Mar 8th : Contemporary Technique with Amanda Acorn, 10:30-12


Amanda teaches Pilates and movement for movers of all levels at Misfitstudio in Toronto. Find the schedule here


Professional Workshops and classes offered:

Infinite Action

Choreographer Amanda Acorn, shares the movement practice that is the nucleus of her works, multiform and multiform(s). The two works explore a system of repeating movements in a continuous and unrelenting cycle of vibrating, undulating, circular loops, where the body moves in and out of defined form and perceptive navigation for the dancer. Using the bio-mechanical systems at play, the session will use this choreographic device to explore the fascia system’s ability to navigate and transcend the exhaustive task of perpetual motion.


Contemporary Technique

A morning practice for the dance artist that engages with the practical, the magical and the imaginary. Using the bodies we have TODAY we will explore methods for opening both physically and metaphorically. Looking to bio-mechanical structures as entry points into sensation and awareness we will use somatic practices, breath, athletic and sustained movement sequences to activate a soft and strong body. The class moves fluidly between doing and questioning; contemporary technique, improvisation and durational tasks to cultivate an expanded physical and energetic body.