February/March/September 2019 ////  Research and Development, new creation, Toronto

Premiere 2021

Choreography by Amanda Acorn

Collaborators: Robert Abubo, Justine Chambers, Paul Chambers, Lori Duncan, Sarah Doucet, Bee Pallomina, Talia Shipman, Matt Smith, Ann Trépanier

In No Place, Acorn imagines the possibilities of the Utopic, building a container to explore what is possible. The work activates the spaces between four dancers looking for togetherness through structures of unison. Exploring tensions in the pursuit of a possible future. Deepening the highly specific scores developed with the group works, multiform(s) and Leisure Palace, Acorn approaches the body in motion as a sensitive and malleable system. The project assembles collaborators form across Canada working in dance, performance, experimental music and visual art. Set to premiere in Toronto in 2021.

First phase of development supported by Dancemakers Centre for Creation.

June 2019 //// Four Sisters (premiere), Toronto, Paradigm Productions and Luminato Festival 

Written and directed by Susanna Fournier

Choreography by Amanda Acorn