65 mins

Choreography by Amanda Acorn

Created with and performed by Robert Abubo, Lori Duncan, Benjamin Landsberg, Bee Pallomina, Matt Smith and Ann Trépanier

Sound design by Matt Smith

Scenography by Lauren Alexandra Wilson

Lighting design by Paul Chambers

Costume design by Sarah Doucet

Residencies and partners to date

Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Stoneboat Artist Retreat, Lake Studios Berlin, Summerworks Open Studios, Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts


Set to premiere in 2021.


no place considers the notion of Utopia as social process and performance. The research explores empathy, chasing somatic knowledge and creating a feminist paradigm for feeling. Deepening the improvisational scores developed with Acorn’s group works multiform(s) and Leisure Palace, she approaches the body as an empathetic and malleable system as the starting place to explore modes of being together. no place assembles collaborators from across Canada working in dance, experimental music and installation art to design a vibrant container for expanded and ecstatic sensation. Beginning in stark minimalism, in dialogue with the elements and elemental body and building to a psychedelic, pulsing swirl of ecstatic movement, sound, colour and light. no place is a warm illumination on the horizon, proposing Utopia as a state of being rather than a place to go.