multiform(s) (2015)

60 minutes

Choreography by Amanda Acorn

Created with and performed by Jonathan Adjemian, Meryem Alaoui, Ellen Furey, Jolyane Langlois, Germaine Liu, Ann Trépanier and Kathia Wittenborn

Sound performed live by Jonathan Adjemian/Hoover Party and Germaine Liu

Lighting design by Paul Chambers

Costume design by Amanda Acorn

Supported by Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation

Premiered Aug 6th, 2015 SummerWorks Performance Festival, Toronto

A veritable immersion for the spectator, overlooking and surrounding an arena, multiform(s) hypnotizes. An iteration of the solo work, multiform, five dancers and two musicians cycle through relentless repetitions of movements repeated ad-infinitumThe body, both mechanism and magician; a perpetually pulsating, thrashing and undulating energy object. multiform(s) compels us toward continued, exhaustive watching, dissolving the boundaries between abstract form and its containment through choreography.

multiform(s) trailer

Photo credits: Yuula Benivolski