multiform (2014)

40 minutes

Created and performed by Amanda Acorn

Lighting Design by Paul Chambers                                                                       Rehearsal Direction by Kate Nankervis                                                               Sound by Hoover Party

Supported by Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation

Premiered September 11, 2014 Annual Alberta Dance Festival, Dancer’s Studio West, Calgary.

Photo credits: Tim Nguyen and Dhalia Katz

Trailer by Francesca Chudnoff

2017 presentations

February 2nd :: Gold Saucer, Vancouver B.C., off off push event

March 31-April 8th :: The Citadel, Toronto, ON

“ …magnificent, elegance and corporeal courage..” The Dance Current

In multiform, rising Toronto-based choreographer Amanda Acorn draws from the work and writing of painter Mark Rothko. A love letter to perpetual motion and testament to body magic, Acorn builds hypnotic cycles of movement repeated ad-infinitum. In multiform a singular body is both mechanism and magician; a perpetually pulsating, thrashing and undulating energy object. multiform compels us toward continued, exhaustive watching, dissolving the boundaries between abstract form and its containment through choreography.